About The CDC Open

On December 23rd 2017, the Coimbatore Drone Club hosted Coimbatore's first drone race. It was an amazing event with dozens of specators and racers.

And now, we're back. The Coimbatore Drone Club will host it's biggest drone race yet - the CDC Open! The race will be held on March 11th 2018 between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm.

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11th March 2018 Event

Near Mahasanthi Cremation Center, Selvapuram South, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641008

Need help regarding the venue? Call (+91) 96005 16794 or email coimbatoredroneclub@gmail.com for directions help and more!

Reservation Form

Reserve a spot for the Race Event (11/3/18). While you can view and participate in the race just by visiting the venue on the event day, reservations will guarantee you a spot for the event.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Just come over to the venue on 11th March 2018 at 10:30 pm, and you can spectate the race or enter your drone for the race. For more details regarding the venue, click here. It's free! However, you can be sure of being able to attend by reserving a spot.
Of course not! Most people attending the event are spectators! However, if you have a drone, and you want to participate in the race and compete against others, you can do that as well for free! Regardless of whether you're a spectator or a racer, we hope to see you at the event.
The event will be held outdoors. Two racing tracks will be put together on the ground. Appropriate airspace regulations will be followed.

The first track will be used exclusively for racing drones. Racing drones will be timed for the duration of a lap around the track individually and will also face off head-to-head on the track at the same time. Based on the performance of the timed and head-to-head rounds, the winner will be announced.

The second track will be used for toy & film drones and is relatively simpler than the track for racing drones. Film drones will only have individual timed laps, and the shortest overall time will be used to determine the winner. For toy drones, drones will first have timed individual laps and the best two racers will face off head-to-head and the winner of the head-to-head match will be declared as the winner.

Both tracks have a variety of obstacles, such as hoops, gates, and poles.
While we would recommend that you buy or build a proper racing drone, there are lots of people who will have film/toy drones for racing. Because of this, we will have three individual categories for each type of drone - a film drone category, a race drone category, and a toy drone category. Each of the categories will have their separate awards. Toy, race, and film drones will not compete with each other. This helps ensure that the skill of pilots is measured, and not the quality of the drone hardware.
While we would recommend you actually come to the venue to spectate in person, the entire event will be livestreamed to YouTube and Instagram. Follow @cbedroneclub on Instagram for the Instagram livestream, and also check out our YouTube channel for the YouTube livestream.
Most consumer-grade UAVs, including RC helicopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, octacopters, etc are allowed. This includes film, toy, and race drones. These 3 drones will have their own separate race categories. For the 23/12/17 event, planes are not allowed. Only craft that take off and land vertically are allowed. All participating drones must occupy a volume equivalent to or less than 55x55x55 cm3. As long as your drone fits in all the given criteria, you will almost certainly be allowed to participate.

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